Teammates Matter

Teammates Matter


Fight For Something Greater Than Self.  

During his basketball career at Wake Forest, Alan Williams played only 59 minutes in 4 years. Why was it worth it? What kept you coming back?  These were just a few of the questions a newspaper reporter asked Alan near the end of his career. In response, he wrote Teammates Matter— Fighting For Something Greater Than Self.

 Unlike many sports stories, these pages are not filled with game winning shots or heroic moments. Instead, this story is predicated on a genuine love for the game and memories with teammates that go way beyond the box score in the morning paper.

Amidst laughter and tears, Williams redefines success and offers a unique view of what it means to be a teammate.   This moving story shows how a seat on the end of the bench, a father’s battle with cancer, and the sudden death of a coach teach a walk-on to find fulfillment in unexpected places.

In the end, you’ll find this true story is really not so much about basketball, but a reminder of your own story and the opportunity that we all have to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Regardless of what you play or who you coach — in sports, business and life —the lessons we learn on the court and in the locker room will endure long after your playing days are over.   

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